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Warning: Big Economic Powers Could Be Completely Destroyed By 2050 Due To Climate Change

If tough decisions are not taken soon to save the world from the effects of climate change, then the world’s powerful economic powers can be completely destroyed by the year 2050. Just before the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) has issued this warning while releasing its report.

According to the report of Italy’s Research Center CMCC, if no decision is taken to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, then powerful economic powers like America, Britain, Germany, Canada, France, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China and Russia will be completely can be destroyed.

According to the report, due to the ill effects of climate change, drought, scorching heat, rise in sea level and food crisis can worsen the situation. CMCC scientist Donatella Spano says that if we keep waiting for each other’s decision, then in the coming time it is certain that all will be ruined together.

heavy damage to the economy
The report estimates that G20 countries will lose four percent of their economy’s total output by 2050 due to climate change. Not only this, by the year 2100, this loss will increase to eight percent. It is known that G20 countries are responsible for 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

The road ahead is difficult due to food crisis, drought and increasing heat.
aim :
By 2030, greenhouse gas emissions will have to be reduced by 7.5 percent, then only life will be safe.
Difficulty : The situation can worsen due to drought, heat, rising sea level and deepening food crisis.
to risk : If the heat and heat is not controlled, by the end of the century, 90 thousand people will die in Europe.

will hit the sources of income
France and Indonesia will suffer huge losses in the fish market due to the effects of climate change. The main reason would be the rise in sea level and the temperature of the oceans. The construction done on the coastal areas will also suffer. This would result in a loss of $468 billion to Japan and $945 billion to South Africa by 2050.

Life at risk in Europe
Scientists have warned in the report that if the heat and heat are not controlled, there will be irreparable loss of human life in Europe by the end of this century. Scientists say that by the year 2030, greenhouse gas emissions will have to be reduced by 7.5 percent, only then life can be saved from getting into trouble.

Deadly diseases will dominate
Scientists have warned that with climate change, the world will also face many deadly diseases. By the year 2050, the health of 83 percent of the US population could be affected. Dengue will also threaten 92 percent of the population.

India’s efforts to tackle climate change
The National Action Plan on Climate Change in the country was launched in the year 2008. Its objective is to create awareness among the representatives of the public, various agencies of government, scientists, industry and communities about the threat posed by climate change and measures to combat it.

This action plan consists of 8 missions
National Solar Mission, National Mission for Developed Energy Efficiency, National Mission on Sustainable Habitat, National Water Mission, National Mission for Sustainable Himalayan Ecosystem, National Mission for Green India, National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture, National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change .

What is climate change?


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