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Uttarakhand Foundation Day Today: Cds Bipin Rawat Told We Did Not Allow People From Other Countries To Settle On Our Borders

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said that we did not allow people from other countries to settle within our borders. We know where our border is. He also said that Uttarakhand has immense potential for tourism. If there is a need to increase medical facilities in the remote areas of the mountain.

On the occasion of Uttarakhand State Foundation Day, the CDS, who arrived at the refreshment program organized at Raj Bhavan, said in a conversation with the media that we have taken care of our borders properly. On the question of Chinese incursion in Uttarakhand’s Badahoti, he said that China comes as far as it understands its border, its report also comes. Similarly, our army also goes as far as it understands its border.

On a question asked regarding the settlement of Chinese villages on the Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh, the CDS said whether the US knows how far India’s border is. Does China know how far India’s border is? We know where our border is. We did not allow anyone to settle on our border.

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If facilities increase, migration will stop
The CDS said that if education and health facilities are better in the remote areas of the mountain, then migration will stop. Roads are being built till the border area. Education and health will have to be given attention in hilly areas.

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Talking about making helipad
CDS said that there is immense potential for tourism in the state. For the tourists to come, the government has started the home stay scheme. For this, better medical facilities have to be provided. Apart from this, if helipads are built, then tourists will be able to come here and do trekking and rafting.

Build recruitment centers to stop migration from the mountain
On the possibilities of opening new recruitment centers in the state, CDS made it clear that already five recruitment centers are open here. Of these, four are in hilly areas and one in Roorkee. He said that recruitment centers have been set up in hilly areas to prevent migration from hilly areas.

CDS Bipin Rawat met Governor
General Bipin Rawat met Governor Lt (Sen.) Gen Gurmeet Singh on the occasion of State Foundation Day. It was told that the Governor and the CDS have served together in the army. Whereas before this both are passed out from NDA Khadagwasla. During the program, the Governor focused on reverse migration. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, Union Minister of State for Defense Ajay Bhatt etc. were present during the program.


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