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Saharanpur Amar Ujala Live: Negligence Has To The Fore In District Hospital And District Women Hospital And See Photos

The attendants sleeping downstairs in the district hospital – Photo :

In Saharanpur district hospital and district women’s hospital, there is a provision of five night shelters for the attendants, but due to the negligence of the officials, the system is not good in a single night shelter. Amar Ujala went to both the hospitals on Wednesday night and investigated the arrangements for the night shelters. There was silence in the night shelters, while the relatives were found sleeping on the floor in the cold night. Some people were seen lying in front of the slip counter. Here is the report…

10 pm

A night shelter has been built outside the emergency ward in SBD District Hospital. Nine beds have been put here. Mattresses and sheets were found lying on the bed at ten o’clock in the night, but there were no blankets to cover. In such a situation, people were found on only three beds, they too had taken their blankets and sheets. The rest of the beds remained empty.

10:10 pm

There is a night shelter in front of the surgical ward in SBD District Hospital. Due to lack of lighting, the night shelter was found to be dark. Four beds were found lying, on which dust is mounted. The door of the toilet was found broken and the inside was full of garbage. The attendants of the patients admitted in the ward were found sleeping on the floor in the verandah.

Negligence. – Photo :

10:15 pm

There was also a night shelter in front of the bone ward, within which the hospital administration has fitted an oxygen plant. In such a situation, the attendant was seen lying on the verandah outside the ward.

The condition of negligence in Saharanpur. – Photo :

10:25 pm

There is a night shelter in the District Women’s Hospital right in front of the old building, but the hospital administration has covered its front with an oxygen plant. Three beds were found lying in the night shelter, on which there was no mattress and sheets. Because of this there was silence. Due to the night shelter behind the oxygen plant, there is no security for women.

The attendants sleeping on the floor – Photo :

10:30 pm

In the District Women’s Hospital, a night shelter has been built in front of the ward, which is well covered from all sides, but no bed was found inside the night shelter. Cement slabs have been made to sit around, on which it is difficult to sleep. In such a situation, there was silence in the night shelter and women were seen sleeping on the floor outside.

Beds inserted in night shelters without mattresses. – Photo :

Night shelters are made for the convenience of the attendants. If they do not even have basic facilities then it is a serious matter. Instructions will be given to make arrangements by writing letters to the responsible officers of both the hospitals. – Dr. Sanjeev Manglik, CMO


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