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Pm Modi In Rajouri Naushera Jammu Kashmir To Celebrate Diwali With Jawans

01:21 PM, 04-Nov-2021

We are the people who find the supreme ideal in Lord Rama

We are the people who find the highest ideal in Lord Rama. We have to live for our native land. When Lord Rama came after conquering Lanka, people gave him a grand welcome.

01:19 PM, 04-Nov-2021

We are committed to increase the military power, come to the army and practice

The PM said that we have taken many important steps to increase the military power. Today, from Ladakh to Jaisalmer, where there was no normal connectivity, there are state-of-the-art facilities. We are making all efforts to increase women power. Daughters are taking the lead inside the country and on the border too. Joining the army is nothing less than a sadhana.

01:15 PM, 04-Nov-2021

to give new strength to military power

Earlier it was thought that we have to take everything from abroad for security. As a result, weapons were bought in haste at the time of need. We changed this practice. Now we will make and buy weapons within the country. We are working to make the country self-reliant. Today Arjun tanks are being built in our country.

01:14 PM, 04-Nov-2021

PM said – new resolutions and goals in front of us

In this elixir of freedom, we have new resolutions and goals in front of us. Today’s India is strong with its powers and resources.

01:13 PM, 04-Nov-2021

PM said this after remembering the surgical strike

The role played by the brigade here in the surgical strike, it gives weight to every countryman with pride. I had decided that day that everyone should return before sunset. I was on the phone that day and my jawans came back that day safely. There are many attempts to create unrest here and there are, but every time terrorism gets a befitting reply. I believe that in itself is a great inspiration. The Pandavas had spent some time in this area during their exile. I feel connected to your energy by coming here.

01:06 PM, 04-Nov-2021

Nowshera gave a befitting reply to every war, every conspiracy

As soon as I touched the soil here, a different feeling came to my mind. The history here tells the bravery story of India. The present here is proof of heroism. Nowshera has given a befitting reply to every war, every conspiracy.

After independence, the enemies tried to capture it. I am happy that due to the bravery of the bravehearts of Nowshera, all the conspiracies were foiled. The enemy knows the strength of the Indian Army. I salute the soldiers who defend the country.

01:02 PM, 04-Nov-2021

Jawan is my family, today I have come among my family: PM

The Prime Minister said that the jawans are my family. Today I have come with my family. There is peace and security in the country because of your strength. Because of your valor, our festivals get four moons.

12:57 PM, 04-Nov-2021

PM Modi is addressing the jawans in Nowshera, Jammu and Kashmir.

12:39 PM, 04-Nov-2021

Tribute to the brave sons who made the supreme sacrifice

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tributes to the brave sons who made the supreme sacrifice for the country in the line of duty at Nowshera, Jammu and Kashmir.

12:27 PM, 04-Nov-2021

While leaving for Jammu and Kashmir, minimum security arrangements were seen in the convoy of the Prime Minister in Delhi. Not only this, there was no traffic restriction either.

12:15 PM, 04-Nov-2021

Diwali was celebrated with soldiers at Longawala border in 2020

In the year 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated Diwali with soldiers at Longawala border located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. He was accompanied by Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat and Army Chief MM Naravane.

12:07 PM, 04-Nov-2021

Security forces put on alert regarding Prime Minister’s visit

The operation against the terrorists has been going on for three weeks in the dense forests located in the border areas of Rajori and Poonch districts. Meanwhile, security forces have been put on alert regarding the Prime Minister’s visit to Rajori.

11:57 AM, 04-Nov-2021

Modi arrived in Jammu and Kashmir to celebrate Diwali for the fourth time after becoming the Prime Minister.

For the fourth time in 7 years of becoming the Prime Minister, Modi has reached the Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh border to celebrate Diwali. Earlier he had reached Siachen in 2014. After celebrating Diwali here, he also went to Srinagar. In 2017, he celebrated Diwali with Army and BSF personnel in Bandipora, Kashmir. In the year 2019, he had reached the Infantry Division of Rajori, where Diwali was celebrated with the army personnel. In the last two years, Modi has reached Rajori to celebrate Diwali for the second time.

12:59 AM, 04-Nov-2021

PM’s Diwali with jawans: Modi said in Nowshera – this evening a lamp will be lit in the name of your valor, sacrifice and penance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Nowshera, Rajori to celebrate Diwali with the soldiers. Here the Prime Minister can stay for three to four hours. After celebrating Diwali with the soldiers, he will also take stock of the military preparations in Rajori and Nowshera sectors along with senior army officers. A meeting regarding security is also proposed. Security agencies have been put on high alert due to PM’s visit amid the three-week-long operation against terrorists in Rajori-Poonch border area. In the year 2019 also, the Prime Minister had boosted the morale of the soldiers by celebrating Diwali in the forward area in Rajori itself.

Diwali will be celebrated among the soldiers at the forward posts of LoC in Nowshera, Rajori. Prime Minister Modi extended Diwali greetings to the countrymen. The Prime Minister said, ‘I wish that this festival brings happiness, prosperity and good fortune in everyone’s life.’


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