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Pm Modi In Naushera From Lord Ram’s Victory In Lanka To The Practice Of Soldiers And Targeting The Opposition, Know The 10 Important Things Of Pm’s Speech 10 important points of the speech of

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday to celebrate Diwali for the eighth time among the jawans. Here he also addressed the soldiers after reaching Nowshera. PM remembered the valor of the soldiers. At the same time, on the occasion of Diwali, by giving the example of Lord Shri Ram’s Lanka victory to the soldiers, he reiterated the Indian Army’s mantra of protecting humanity. Meanwhile, the PM also took a dig at the opposition, Modi said that earlier India had to depend on foreign countries for defense needs, but now the goods of need are being made available in the country itself.

10 important points of Modi’s speech

1. PM greets soldiers on Diwali
Modi began his address by extending Diwali greetings to the jawans. PM said- This evening on Diwali, a lamp will be lit in the name of your valor, your bravery, your valor, your sacrifice and penance.

2. Light in our festivals by your might
Modi said, “Friends, the heroes of the country are in front of me today. The brave daughters of the country. They are serving Mother India in such a way, whose fortune is not available to everyone, only someone gets it. I see I am feeling, seeing those strong expressions on your face. You are full of resolve. This is your resolve. Be it or deep water. Anywhere you are the living protection shield of Maa Bharati. 130 crore Indians believe that they can sleep peacefully. Because of your valor, light spreads in our festivals.

3. Nowshera’s present living proof of your bravery
The PM said about his visit, “When I landed in Nowshera, my heart was filled with a different thrill. The history here proclaims the valor of the Indian Army. That cry is heard from every peak. The present here is yours. Like there is a living proof of the valor of the brave soldiers. In Nowshera, the work of protecting Kashmir was done by giving a befitting reply to every war, every proxy, every conspiracy. Since independence, the enemies had kept an eye on it. Nowshera was attacked, the enemies had kept an eye on it from a height. But in front of the courage of the heroes of Nowshera, the whole conspiracy was foiled. Was.

4. The feat of surgical strike filled the countrymen with pride
“The role played by the brigade here in the surgical strike fills every countryman with pride. I had decided that day that everyone should return before sunset. I was in touch only by phone that day. After that, there have been and are being made to create unrest here, but every time terrorism gets a befitting reply. I believe this is a great inspiration in itself.

5. There was dependence on other countries for defense technology
Meanwhile, targeting the previous government, Modi said, “Earlier, with regard to the resources related to the army, it was assumed that whatever we get, we will get it from abroad. We had to bow down to technology, had to pay more. That is, an officer who starts the file retires, but the work was not completed. In such a situation, weapons were bought in a hurry at the time of need. Even for spare parts we were dependent on foreign countries.

6. India’s defense sector will be stronger than self-reliant India
The PM also talked about the solution to this problem and said, “65 percent of the budget for the defense expenditure of the country is being spent on internal purchases in the country. India has also decided that more than 200 The equipment and equipment will now be procured within the country. More items are going to be added to this in the next few months. Seeing this, the defense sector will be strengthened. Investments will increase for the manufacture of new weapons and equipment. Today we have Arjun tank and Tejas like Light aircraft are being made. The ordnance factories that we had will now make specialized equipment. On Vijayadashami, 7 ‘Defense Companies’ were dedicated to the nation.

7. The need to prepare according to the changing world
On increasing India’s defense capability, the PM said, “The defense corridors being built in UP and Tamil Nadu are going to intensify this effort. They are going to further strengthen India’s defense exporter. He is capable, he doesn’t care too much. He easily proves his resolve. So today we have to grow with the changing world, the changing nature of war, we have to mold it with preparation. We know that at some point of time Fighting takes place on horse and elephant. Now no one can imagine. Earlier it used to take decades and centuries to change the form of war. But now there will be some other martial art in the morning, some other martial art in the evening.”

8. Participation of daughters in defense sector to new heights
Prime Minister Modi said, “Now today, from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, from Jaisalmer to Andaman-Nicobar, where there was no normal connectivity in our coast, from optical fiber to modern roads are being built. A lot of facilities are also being available. In the last seven years, work has been done to increase women power in every field. In the defense sector also, the participation of daughters is now moving towards new heights. After Navy and Airforce, now women in Army too. Now women are being given opportunities from Permanent Commission to NDA. I had announced on 15th August that now daughters will get an opportunity to study in Sainik Schools. Work has started on this too. Is.”

9. Joining the army is no ordinary job for you
“India’s army is different from any other army in the world. You are a professional force. Your values ​​and values ​​make you a different personality than the rest. Joining the army is not a job for you, you will get paid on the first date, that’s why Haven’t come. Coming to the army is a sadhna for you. Just like sage sages used to do sadhna, don’t I see the same sadhak in you. You are doing the sadhna of Maa Bharati. Like you contain the lives of 130 crore Indians. Is.”

10. Lord Ram definitely won Lanka of gold, but the fight was for the protection of humanity
We are people who seek ideals in Lord Rama. We have definitely won Lanka rich in gold and prosperity, but our fight was for the protection of humanity. Our native land is everything for us, so we have to return to live there. So when Lord Rama returned, Ayodhya welcomed him as a mother. The whole of India welcomed him with Diwali.

The PM further said, “Our armies do not show valor only on the borders. Our armies also come out on the field in disease, calamity and epidemic. Where no one reaches, India’s armies reach there. This is the feeling in the mind of every Indian. There is a feeling – hey ye aa gaye na, now there is no worry. I believe that with the inspiration of your bravery, we will take India to the top. My salute to the mothers who gave birth to sons and daughters like you.


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