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Nsa Meeting Organized By India Today Or Aghanistan Taliban Crisis, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval Chairs – Afghanistan Crisis

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of NSA Ajit Doval to improve the situation in Afghanistan. Seven countries including Russia and Iran participated in this meeting held in New Delhi. These seven countries included Russia and Iran, besides Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Security officials of all countries were seen joining India’s voice and agreed to help Afghanistan.

Presiding over the meeting, Doval said, “We all have gathered today to discuss issues related to Afghanistan. We are all closely watching what is happening in Afghanistan. This has important implications not only for the people of Afghanistan, but also for its neighboring countries and the region. He further said that I am confident that our discussions will be productive and fruitful and will contribute to helping the people of Afghanistan and enhancing our collective security.

Ready to help the people of Afghanistan – Tajikistan
In the meeting, Tajikistan Security Council Secretary Nasrallo Rahmatzon Mahmudjoda said, “We have a long border with Afghanistan. The current situation creates additional risks and possibilities for drug trafficking, terrorism. The situation on the Tajikistan-Afghanistan borders remains complex. We as a neighboring country are ready to participate in all programs that can help the people of Afghanistan.

Everyone needs to come together – Iran
Admiral Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s National Security Council, said there was a migration crisis in Afghanistan. Refugees and solutions in the country can come with the formation of an inclusive government and the participation of all ethnic groups. Everyone needs to come together to solve this.

We are concerned about the current situation in Afghanistan – Kazakhstan
The chairman of the Kazakhstan National Security Committee, Karim Masimov, said that we are concerned about the current situation in Afghanistan. The social and economic condition of the Afghans is deteriorating and the country is facing a humanitarian crisis. There is a need to increase humanitarian aid in the country.

Help should be given to Afghan people under joint efforts – Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Security Council Secretary Marat M Imankulov said that this is a very difficult situation in our region and around the world. This is in relation to terrorist organizations in Afghanistan. Help should be given to the people of Afghanistan through joint efforts.

Opportunity to find a solution on the current situation in Afghanistan – Turkmenistan
Charmirat Amanov, Secretary of the Turkmenistan Security Council, said that this meeting gives us an opportunity to find a solution to the current situation in Afghanistan and to establish peace in the region.

Collective solution has to be found – Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Security Council Secretary Viktor Makhmudov said that to restore complete peace in Afghanistan and the region, we must find a collective solution. This is possible only through joint efforts.

India is hosting the talks aimed at strengthening a common vision for practical cooperation in countering the growing threats of terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking after the Taliban capture Kabul.


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