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Diwali 2021: Kedarnath Dham Decorated With 15 Quintal Flowers Before Pm Modi Visit Photos

Kedarnath Temple – Photo : Amar Ujala

On Diwali, the temple of Lord Kedarnath is decorated with 15 quintals of marigold and other flowers. The doors of Kedarnath temple are closing on 6th November. Earlier, the employees of Devasthanam Board are drenching the temple with colorful lights. Flower garlands are placed around the temple. Along with flower garlands, garlands of peepal and mango leaves have been installed at the entrance of the temple.

Chardham Yatra: Badrinath Dham decorated with 17 quintals of marigold flowers for Diwali, photos

This makes the temple look more grand. Yudhveer Singh Pushpwan, the Yatra in-charge present in Kedarnath told that the temple has been decorated with flowers and garlands to welcome Prime Minister Modi. For this, 15 quintal flowers have been ordered from Rishikesh. Deepotsav will be done in the temple premises on Mahalaxmi Puja. Ghee lamps will be lit around the temple. Along with this, colorful lights will also be done from the platform to the temple premises and the temple.

In Kedarnath on November 5, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unveil the statue along with the inauguration of the reconstruction of the most special Adiguru Shankaracharya Samadhi Sthal in his dream project Kedarnath reconstruction.

Kedarnath Temple – Photo : Amar Ujala

Behind the temple in Kedarnath, Adiguru Shankaracharya’s Kutir (Samadhi Sthal) has been constructed on the banks of the Mandakini River. This work was started in November 2019 in three phases. Phase two work has been completed. Manoj Semwal, team in-charge of Wood Stone Company, the executive organization, told that the construction of the mausoleum has been done in a 36 meter circular, which has a depth of six meters.

Kedarnath Temple – Photo : Amar Ujala

Now, two separate paths 3 meters wide and 40 meters long are to be constructed for entry and exit till the samadhi. Significantly, in the disaster of 2013, the tomb of Adiguru Shankaracharya in Kedarnath and his idol were destroyed in the inundation of the Mandakini river.

Kedarnath Temple – Photo : Amar Ujala

Devotees who visit Baba in Kedarnath will now be able to get cold and hot water. Under the reconstruction works, a water ATM is being set up here, which has the facility of hot and cold water supply. Along with this, permanent drinking water line is being laid in Kedarnath. Along with this, a tank with a capacity to store three lakh liters of water has been completed. According to officials, 500 liters of pure water will be supplied in an hour and 12 thousand liters in a day from the water ATM. The cost of a water ATM is Rs 85 lakhs.

Kedarnath – Photo : Amar Ujala

These water ATMs are Community Reverse Osmosis (RO). Sanjay Kumar, Executive Engineer, Jal Sansthan said that under the dream project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a drinking water line is being laid in Kedarnath. Right now the work is going on on the outer side of the temple area. The pipeline is to be laid under the master plan in the temple area and the surrounding area including the temple road. Locations are being marked for this.


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