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Diwali 2021: Former Mrs. North India shared Mumbai diary, this shining ray of hope was seen on Diwali

Former Mrs North India Sukriti Chauhan – Photo : Amar Ujala, Mumbai

This year’s Diwali has brought a little better hope for the Mumbai film industry. Cinema halls of all the states of the country have opened with full capacity. The shooting of films, television serials and web series has gained momentum in Mumbai. Press conferences of films, face-to-face interviews, influx of outsiders at the location etc. have started. But still, the difficult times are not over. The actors of the film world faced more crisis than the lockdown last year during the second wave of Corona this year. ‘Amar Ujala’ has been continuously trying its level to help the people of the film world and has also been providing help to the needy people through various social organizations. This Diwali, we tried to know the reality of the situation from those people who suffered a lot in the last one and a half years. One such name is former Mrs. North India Sukriti Chauhan, who came from Himachal Pradesh to Mumbai to make her mark in the acting world. Apart from acting, Sukriti has also been involved in organizing group tours with her husband.

Sukriti Chauhan – Photo : Amar Ujala, Mumbai

We wanted to know from Sukriti how much the last one and a half years of Corona affected the business? And, what measures did they take to deal with this crisis? And, is this Diwali looking bright for him in terms of his career and business? Sukriti says, ‘Due to Corona, the business of tours was completely destroyed, especially our business which was based on tours of schools and colleges. Our business came to a complete standstill and shooting in Mumbai was completely stopped. During this we struggled a lot but did not give up. Now that the number of people who have got the corona vaccine is increasing day by day and other businesses have also opened almost completely, then the hope has also increased in the film and tourism world. The road is not easy yet, it is just open. Hopefully things will start getting back to normal soon. And, this Diwali may not be lit up but Holi will definitely be very colorful.

Sukriti Chauhan – Photo : Amar Ujala, Mumbai

Due to Corona, Sukriti had to suffer a lot in her acting career. She says, “Many of my projects started at the same time. When I came to Mumbai, the people here took me by the hands, here I got a lot of affection and belonging. But as soon as Corona came, all my projects kept slipping forward one after the other. Now after the double vaccination of Corona, the business of the film industry seems to be coming back on track. New and struggling people are getting called again. The shooting of one of my films has been completed recently. I hope this Diwali turns out to be a really auspicious Diwali for all the artists and technicians.’

Sukriti Chauhan – Photo : Amar Ujala, Mumbai

Apart from winning the title of Mrs. North India, Sukriti Chauhan has won many other beauty pageants. She says, ‘Before entering the film world, prepare a lot for your work. If you meet the right guides to carve yourself and take lessons from this industry, then the path becomes easy. There is a lot of struggle here, but if you have the skill and skill in yourself, you have the passion to fulfill your dreams, then no one can stop anyone here. It is true that the last one and a half year forced the struggling artists to return home, but I hope that after Diwali, those artists from villages and small towns will start returning who left Mumbai after the second wave of Corona. .’

Sukriti Chauhan – Photo : Amar Ujala, Mumbai

Former Mrs. North India Sukriti has gone back to North India to celebrate Diwali. While talking to ‘Amar Ujala’ from there, she says, ‘Corona is not gone yet. On festivals, everyone should stay away from crowded places. It would be better if people would at least go out and celebrate the festivals at home with their family members and acquaintances. I also celebrate every festival with my family members and this time I have come to a remote area near Shimla. I am sure that this festival will also be celebrated by everyone in a safe manner so that after Chhath, the spread of corona does not increase and all the business continues to run smoothly.


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