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Bioscope S2: This is Hindi cinema’s first film without interval, script written in just seven days

Do you know about that Hindi film in which there was no interval for the first time? This film was Yash Chopra’s last film ‘Ittefaq’ made for his brother Baldev Raj Chopra i.e. BR Chopra’s company BR Films, after this film Yash Chopra laid the foundation of his own company Yash Raj Films. Yash Chopra made his company’s first film ‘Daag’ with ‘Ittefaq’ hero Rajesh Khanna. The Chopra family has also made the remake of the film ‘Ittefaq’ three years ago. Ravi Chopra, father of Abhay Chopra, who made the remake of the film ‘Ittefaq’, was an assistant to his uncle Yash Chopra in the film ‘Ittefaq’. Other assistants of Yash Chopra included RK Sibal, Mahan Vakil, Vasudev Dhir, Arvind Joshi and Ramesh Talwar. Mahan Vakil later also became the first employee of Yash Raj Films. Sagar Sarhadi i.e. Ganga Sagar Talwar’s nephew Ramesh Talwar’s career also started with this film.


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